Wish book basel

Spitzmueller wunschbuch1 2006Wishes in Public Space - a sound-installation by Beate Spitzmüller.

Offene Kirche Elisabethen Basel
Installation in Public Space

Arising from a chance encounter with the Basle Wish Book written during the Christmas season, Spitzmüller instigated an artistic project, which was to become part of public life in Basel during the summer of 2006. With this sound installation, she addressed the theme of Christmas wishes during the summer.

The Berlin-bases artist transformed two pillars at the entrance to the nave of the Elisabethen church into Flüsternischen, or whispering niches, which encouraged the dousing of wishes – whether one's own, those of others and even universal ones – into the world. This quiet, unobtrusive work arose during a six-month scholarship from the Bartels Foundation. Marion Tarrach.

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