Interwoven worlds

Interwoven worlds - kitchen-table conversations

Multimedia room installation and participatory-art project, Basel, 2013.
Concept and realisation: Beate Spitzmüller

Memory carpet (300 x 120 cm), photographs, fabrics, CD player with two loudspeakers, 300 communication cards, 40 sheets, glass containers.

The location is Utengasse 60 in Basel, a house steeped in history (built around 1780) and full of stories. Interwoven Worlds is a multimedia room installation evoking scenes and stories from individual memories of the interlocutors participating in the project. Strung together anew, these reminiscences are interwoven and artistically transformed. Interwoven Worlds serve as coordinating points for a memory carpet to be displayed on a table (300 x 120 cm) and seven interviews; 300 communication cards, 40 transparencies (sheets) are also exhibited.

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