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Utopia - Dystopia

Opening: Sunday, 13.09.2020 from 4pm

Pavilion at the Milchhof, Schwedter Str. 232, 10435 Berlin
Exhibition duration: 14.09. - 25.10.2020

with works by Lindy Annis, Bettina Albrecht, Tim Beger, Christian Behrend, Dorothee Blum, Lioba Broadcast Speaker, Angela Bürgel, Grit Burmeister, Carlfriedrich Claus, Heiko Fechner, Eva Fuchs, Mario Gaulke, Juliana Götze, Marcel Grabsch, Sven Hakenes, Moritz Höhne, Daniel Juch, Sabine Kaemmel, Dirk Kerkow, Franziska Kleinert, Shirly Klengel, Andreas Knäbel, Tobias Kreßmann, Jennifer Lau, Regina Mielich, Dirk Nadler, Silvia Nettekoven, Eberhard Pastow, Mirka Pawlik, Mario Peinze, Hieu Pham, Mariel Poppe, Silke Prahl, Torsten Prothmann, Kerstin Ressel, Holger Rudolph, Heidrun Rueda, Karin Runow, Zora Schemm, Rita Seredsuß, Rebecca Sickmüller, Elisabeth Sonneck, Beate Spitzmüller, Stefan Sprenger, Hector Velázquez, Wiebke Maria Wachmann, Kira Walter, Norbert Wandelt, Nele Winkler and Michael Wittsack

The questioning of our present existence between humanity and the man-made that is out of our control, between the designs and practices of human coexistence and the simultaneous threat or even impossibility of such humane action in our societies, on our earth, is the intention of this exhibition project.

Pavillon am Milchhof, Schwedter Str. 232, 10435 Berlin

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