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Working with Birds on the street of Muhu

Birds are now walking on the streets of Muhu

Performative art project

Place: Nommküla (Muhu), Estland
21.07.2018, 11 am presentation
21.07.2018, 06 pm exhibition opening

Artist in Residence of the Estonian Artist Association

#working with birds on the streets of Muhu#
#birds are now walking on the streets of Muhu#

"Birds on the street of Muhu" is a performative artistic work. It is based on a bird ornament from the Estonian folk tradition. At the central intersection of Nommküla I drew bird figures with colored chalk. They disappeared due to the abrasion of the car tires after a few days. What remained was a fragmentary picture, an idea of a drawing.

Elements of the oldest myths have survived in ancient songs (Regilaul). The simplest song barely noticed: a bird laid three eggs and began to arrange its cubs - one became the sun, one became the moon and one became the earth. The origin of these Estonian myths is suspected in the 1st millennium BC. Petroglyphs of the region, showing egg-laying birds, are interpreted as mythological figures and are dated in the 3rd Millennium BC.

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