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City tours

Multimedia installation / Interdisciplinary Participatory art project Cape Town (2009), Johannesburg (2010)

in the company of David Koloane (artist, resistance fighters), Judith Weissenberg (migration), Mishkaa Roberts (cultural manager), Lionel Davis (resistance fighters), Gary Friers (artist).

D.K. Where I am living? You came up with Empire, and here, her is the parc and here is Brandleys clinic, and we live here, we live right here, opposite the parc. And the Constitution Hill is just eh across the road and the university is up here.
B.S. This area has changed the last years?
D.K. No, it´s still the same.
B.S. And 30 years ago, was it possible for you to live here?
D.K. No, no not at all, only you dreamed of living there. Because in that time it was only white - no black people could live there. You couldn´t buy property in town, you couldn´t do anything that´s why I say I don´t know how my father got to have a tailor in a white suburb. (...)

aus: Stadtgänge Joburg, Interview David Koloane (200min); D.K. setzt sich für die Verständigung der Ethnien in SA ein

J.W. was a loveley wedding.
B.S. And the hotel, where did it stand?
J.W. oh, in Kerk Streeet. I don´t think, it stands anymore. It has all changed. It´s all different now. You know, I am a stranger here in Johannisburg. I don´t get out at all and when my nevieu fetches me and travelling me out, I say, where are we? I havn´t been in town CBD, we call it - Central Buisiness Devisinous - I don´t think I would find my way anymore.
B.S. And where have you lived with your husband?
J.W. It was downtown in Jebbi Street. I think, it don´t exist anymore. It´s all occupied by black people, but it was still a good area. We stayed there for 18 months. It will be all black now you can´t live there anymore. We found than a flat in Hilbrow. (...)

aus: Stadtgänge Joburg, Interview Judith Weissenberg (120min); J.W. kam mit 16 Jahren auf der Flucht vor dem Nazi Regime nach Johannesburg

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