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nstallation in public space, Bedburg Hau, Hannover-Langenhagen.
40 buds (20 x 20 x 30 cm), high-fired clay, 40 iron-bars 160 cm.

Knospenfeld [Field of Buds] was exhibited in the hospital grounds at Bedburg-Hau (Niederrhein) in 1998 and, subsequently, in the summer of 2000 during the World Exhibition in Hannover as part of the sculpture project 99 Standpunkte.

Reduced to their essential forms, nature and buds towering over the grass create a harmonious relationship. This field of buds affords this corner of nature an almost unreal aesthetic, stimulating us in the process to re-think our behavior towards nature. Friederike Weimar.

Knospenfels is a work by the artist Beate Spitzmüller, which refers in a quite distinctive way to its environment. (...) Its potential for change only becomes visibly manifest over time as the initially rigid construct becomes a mood antenna for the revolving seasons. Johanna Barck.

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